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Meet Ilan Glaser Law Firm

The firm was founded in 2000
Ilan Glaser & Co. provides legal and professional services in property and Real Estate in Israel and abroad, including urban renewal, evacuation and construction transactions, renovation and construction, TAMA 38 projects, group acquisition advisory, real estate transactions, ongoing accompaniment and representation of private individuals, groups and or investment funds, in yielding real estate transactions in Israel and abroad, Commercial law and more.
The vast knowledge and experience we have gained throughout the years in the Real Estate field enables us to provide “beginning to end” services – starting from the vision stage through project completion.
We accompany hundreds of residents in projects throughout the country in the urban renewal field, starting from the early stage of idea formulation, through managing the selection of the developer/ contractor process, licensing, construction, occupancy and registration in the Land Register and regulation offices. In addition, the firm provides entrepreneurial and contracting companies with legal support at all stages of project implementation.
“Professional, skilled, and personal service to our customers is our way to assure the success of a transaction or a project. Our goal is to protect, preserve and be loyal to our clients and their properties and rights.”
Among the firm’s clients are companies, entrepreneurs, investment funds, property owners, tenants and investors.

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