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Practice Areas

Urban Renewal - TAMA 38

Our firm, which was one of the first to specialize in the field of "urban renewal" in general and in TAMA 38, provides clients, entrepreneurs and apartment owners with close, supportive and comprehensive services in all aspects of such projects, including legal, business and tax issues, "From the ground and up to the top."

Urban Renewal - Evacuation and Construction

Our firm accompanies urban renewal projects throughout the country from Haifa in the north to Ashkelon, with thousands of housing units in the Greater Tel Aviv area, in various stages of advancement and implementation.

Income-producing Real Estate investments in Israel and abroad

Our firm accompanies a large number of investment groups investing in real estate in the US and Israel. The firm advises investors throughout the early stages of investments, from business case formulation and outline, through all stages of an investment. We use the extensive knowledge we have gained in the field from overseeing hundreds of such transactions, in order to provide our clients with creative and effective solutions tailored to each and every transaction.

Commercial Law

Our firm accompanies and provides our clients with general corporate representation, or any legal daily needs as may be required by our clients through the form and execution of commercial transactions in Israel and abroad.

Acquisition groups

Our firm accompanies acquisition groups and provides its clients, group members and the buyers with a close and comprehensive legal service, which places the groups’ interest as a top priority, all in order to assure project success.

Combination Transactions

Our firm represents a large number of land owners and contractors under various combination agreements. Our extensive experience, understanding of the processes, and the ability to represent both landowners and contractors give us the opportunity to provide professional and efficient advisory services, from the negotiation phase to the registration of the building as a joint home.

Business Mediation (Mitigation)

Our experience and skills in a wide range of real estate activities in Israel and abroad provides us with a significant advantage in the business mediation process. Our experience and legal knowledge in these areas enable the mediator to understand the interests of the parties, to dissolve disagreement and to lead the parties to the desired solution.

Design and Construction

Our office provides guidance in the field of design and construction, including, inter alia, filing administrative petitions, promoting design approvals with planning committees, preparing requests and documents for issuing a building permit, land zoning, land compromises, land expropriations, construction defects, building irregularities, demolition orders etc.


Our firm provides legal representation to business and private clients in front of all courts. Our unique expertise in the various real estate fields ensures our clients a professional, efficient and quality service before the various courts, supervisors, registrars, planning committees, arbitrators, mediators and more.

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