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Acquisition Groups

Our firm accompanies acquisition groups and provides its clients, group members and the buyers with a close and comprehensive legal service, which places the groups’ interest as a top priority, all in order to assure project success.
As part of our scope of work, we assist in the following: drafting a cooperation agreement between the members of the group, handling and representing the purchasers in the land acquisition agreement, legal accompaniment of the planning procedures, legal advice and preparation of agreements with service providers, ongoing legal counsel to the Group’s representatives, taking actions against infringing participants, including enforcement or cancellation of the agreement, sale of the violator’s share, handling the registration of the condominium and registration of rights in the name of the group members, examination and formulation of bank accompaniment agreements with the project accompany bank, any action required in relations between partners under a cooperation agreement and any obligation and action required of a lawyer in a real estate transaction.

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