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Adv. and Notary Ilan Glaser - CEO and Founder

I Believe: Our role is to manage the complexity of the real estate field, and to meet the challenges and uniqueness of each transaction. The significant advantage and added value that we bring lies in our vast experience in managing the orderly process, neutralizing difficulties, solving disputes between parties, knowledge of legal and business requirements, our commitment to meticulousness and accuracy, and to work with purpose and sensitivity.

Founder and CEO Ilan Glaser & Co. has over 25 years of experience in Real Estate in Israel and the USA.

During his years of activity, Adv. Glaser has gained extensive experience in the areas of Urban Renewal, Evacuation and Construction, and TAMA 38 projects.

Glaser’s expertise is expressed by professionally, pragmatically and creatively accompanying apartment owners through all transaction stages and project life cycles, including Selection of entrepreneurs / contractors, negotiations with the relevant parties, drafitng agreements with consultants, acting as an intermediary with banks, planning authorities, until handing over the apartments and registration with the Land Bureau.

The firm, headed by Adv. Ilan Glaser, is one of the leaders in the field of urban renewal real estate and represents thousands of apartment owners, dozens of entrepreneurs and contractors in tens of thousands of projects throughout the country.

Our firm has extensive experience in handling real estate transactions in the international arena, under the direction of Adv. Ilan Glaser, the firm’s staff leads complex income producing-real estate, entrepreneurship projects, acquisition groups, investment accompaniment, establishment of funds and investment projects for income- To the United States and Europe.

Member of the Israel Bar Association since 1991

Education: Tel Aviv University, LL.B. (1990)

Hebrew, English

Urban Renewal – Evacuation and Construction.
Acquisition groups.
Project Finance – Representation of entrepreneurs, investors.
Zoning and Construction.
Sale / acquire transactions.
Combination transactions.
Commercial lease transactions.
Entrepreneurial projects.

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